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In-plane anisotropic substrates such as m-plane sapphire, Si 110, patterned wafers are used as substrates to grow epitaxial films with specific crystallographic orientations. For these samples, it is important to evaluate crystal orientation and crystallinity of the epitaxial film with respect to the orientation of the substrate. Wide-range reciprocal space mapping (RSM), which provides diffraction intensity distribution in a wide range of reciprocal space, helps to understand the entire image of the crystal orientation and crystallinity of epitaxial films.

Measurements and Results

Wide-range RSM of a GaN film deposited on an m-plane sapphire substrate was performed with two sample settings. Comparison with the simulation suggests that m-planes (11 ̅00) of both GaN and sapphire were parallel to the sample surface, and the orientation relationship in the in-plane direction was [0001] (1100) GaN // [112 ̅0] ( 1100) sapphire.
The shapes of the diffraction spots of GaN differed depending on the incident X-ray direction, and streaks were observed between GaN 11 ̅0l diffraction spots in the RSM along the GaN c-axis (Fig.1 right). In detailed RSMs around GaN 11 ̅00, the width of the GaN diffraction spot along the GaN c-axis (Fig. 2 right) was significantly larger than that along the orthogonal a-axis (Fig.2 left). This indicates that this GaN layer grew in-plane anisotropically on the sapphire substrate, as the tilt distribution was wide and the crystallite size was small in the c-axis direction.

Analysis of epitaxial films on in-plane











References: S.Kobayashi: XTOP 2018 (The 14th Biennial Conference on High-Resolution X-ray Diffraction and Imaging)

Recommended equipment and software
► Automated multipurpose X-ray diffractometer SmartLab +Hybrid pixel array multidimensional detector HyPix-3000
► Automated multipurpose X-ray diffractometer SmartLab SE +Hybrid pixel array multidimensional detector HyPix-400
► χφ attachment, χφZ attachment base
► Integrated X-ray analysis software SmartLab Studio II (HRXRD plugin)

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